WHAT: A speed and interval based tempo workout every Wednesday with Coach Larz designed to keep you fit to the new year. Meet up for workouts at your own convenience and do them at your own pace and effort around like minded and motivated runners. Best of all, IT'S FREE!

WHEN: Happening every Wednesday from the shop @ 6PM starting Wednesday December 6th, but Coach Larz has optional workouts mapped out for the entire month.



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WHAT: A 11 week coached half marathon training program to help you achieve your personal record and fitness goals. It doesn’t matter how fast. We were all made to move. Wanting to run your first half marathon, break a personal best and/or just improve you fitness, Runologie’s half marathon training program is for you.

WHO: You. Whether you’ve run a half marathon before or you are just trying to complete your first half marathon, this program has a group for you. Participants should be comfortable running 3 miles or completing 3 miles with run/walk intervals before registering.

PACE GROUPS: RUN II (7-9MIN), RUN I (9-10MIN), RUN (10+), RUN/WALK - Wednesday interval workouts are run in a contained area where everyone can run together, i.e. - a track, single or multiple hill repeats at Dix Park, Halifax Mall, but entering your pace gives us a gauge for participant level throughout the group. It is not mandatory.

WHEN: Program runs from January 3rd - March 18th up to the Tobacco Road Marathon with coached Wednesday interval/tempo workouts up to race day. 

WHAT DO I GET: A technical Runologie shirt, coached workouts once a week, full training program schedule with workouts and discounts to Runologie! Seminars and coached sessions on running form, injury prevention, nutrition, hydration plans and more throughout the program. Access to coaches for the entire duration of the program.

COST: $65


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OFF THE BLOCKS - Summer Speed Series

"I feel the need, the need for speed!" The summer is the best time to develop the speed you will need to run that PR in the fall. Whether you are training for a mile, 5k or marathon this group is meant to help you develop a new level of speed. We will be focusing on Mile/5k speed with short, intense hill repeats and track sessions. This short and fast speed will help in all distances by increasing your turnover and making you a more efficient runner. The program will run from May 30 - July 4 with goal races of the Keep RLGH Independent 4 Miler on July 4th. We will meet once a week on Wednesday's at 6pm either at Runologie or Martin Middle School for out track sessions. Each session we will work on drills, strides, and strength training in addition to the actual workout. Each session will last approximately 1 hour. Welcome to the Danger Zone. Lets kick the tires and light the fires and get going this summer!

WHAT 6 week speed series program to focus on developing speed, strength and efficiency.

WHEN: May 30th to July 4th

WHERE: Every Wednesday we will meet at Runologie or Martin Middle School

HOW MUCH: The cost for the program is $45


QUESTIONS? Contact Larz @