Brent has been a runner since the age of 12 with his favorite distance being the half marathon. He has spent over 6 years in the running retail industry and is passionate about helping people of all levels keep and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. When not helping customers at Runologie or chasing his twin boys Vin and Whit you may find him on another stage nearby playing drums for his band Jack the Radio.

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Alex has had a passion for running since the age of 12. He has worked in the running retail business for over 8 years collectively. Him and Brent are usually seen running in the downtown area. When he is not at the shop he enjoys being at his cabin outside of Boone, NC.

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Kimberlie has been an active member in the Raleigh running community for over 14 years and races every distance from 5k to marathons. In the past few years Kimberlie has become more competitive with her running, including wins in the 2011 and 2013 City of Oaks Marathons, the 2012 Tobacco Road Marathon and placing top three in several marathons throughout the southeast. She also placed Top 30 Overall and Top 15 American Female in both the 2012 and 2013 Boston Marathon and has a 2:46:37 PR set in 2013.

Kimberlie started her own boutique residential real estate company, Carpenter Real Estate Group, in 2011 focusing on Downtown Raleigh real estate. 



Gavin has been a life long runner, starting running in third grade and following in his two older siblings footsteps.  From there, Gavin became a multiple High School national champion and went on to be a 4-time All-ACC runner in cross country and track at NC State.  Since college Gavin has moved up to the marathon, winning the Tobacco Trail Marathon and placing second at the Key Bank Vermont Marathon in 2010. 

He also is a personal coach and will be coaching the Runologie Half Marathon and 5k Training programs. 



Anne is an American runner, run route producer, and run leader. The creator of the funky stride and a major figure of 21st century running and dance, she is often referred to as the "Godmother of Running" or "Ms. Dynamite." Anne dances as vigorously as she runs, and if you invite her to a party, she will work popular dance steps such as the Mashed Potato into her routine along with dramatic leaps, splits and slides. 
Asides from Runologie, Anne works in the office of BYoung Physical Therapy and plans to attend PT school in a few years. When not working you will find her running through Umstead, riding her bike or enjoying a biscuit + coffee downtown. 




As a Raleigh local, Sammy has been running the roads since the age of 12.  Her running career flourished during her high school years at Millbrook High School, in North Raleigh, upon graduating, Sammy decided to stay in the area to further her running career at the collegiate level.  She is currently in training for her last year in college and plans to stay in the area for a few years following graduation.

Aside from running, she loves a causal stroll on the lake with her paddle board along with swimming, and hanging out with friends/teammates.



Rita Beard Dorry, a Raleigh-native, has been running around the streets of downtown since high school. But it wasn't until she ran in Umstead State Park that she truly discovered her love for running. Since that discovery she has become a fixture in the running community waking up at the crack of dawn to log some miles before the sun comes up in the rain, snow or heat.

Rita enjoys endurance events such as marathons, but will run almost any race she can just to go for another run, including beer runs. When Rita isn't running she enjoys spending time with her new husband Kyle Dorry and her kitten. Rita is currently awaiting to receive her Bar Exam to determine her next big step. She uses her expert advice to help our team and our customers get fit in the right gear to keep them moving better, longer and stronger.



Larz "The Ginger Pony" Robison pick up running in 2012 and not looked back since, remaining fueled by coffee and PBR.  He enjoys running a variety of distances with a focus on triathlon and half marathons and will be assisting with the training programs with Gavin.  If you see him on the ground around town please take a moment to pause his Garmin.



Great! We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals that have a passion for running, fitness and an encouraging spirit to help others keep moving. Email Brent @ for more info.